Phenix Rods – Lifetime Warranty

Ceramic eye popped out of my guide, what do I do?

If you are local we may replace the guide in our facility. If you feel the need to send us the rod via mail, please be aware that the rod must not be damaged and the shipping/receiving must be paid for, as well as the guide replacement. If you know an individual that can wrap the guide for you, please feel free to give us a call and we will be able to send you the guide replacement: (562) 924 – 5400.

Are guides covered by the Phenix Rods warranty program?

No, the guides are not covered in most cases. We must charge for each guide that needs replacing, in these cases please give us a call: (562) 924 – 5400.

How does the warranty process work?

Every Phenix Rod is a quality tested rod. Unfortunately, some might slip through the cracks. In these particular cases we created the warranty program. The warranty program is a simple four-step process. Upon receiving the rod our quality inspectors check the rod. Once the inspection is complete, we will either exchange the rod or be forced to charge the warranty replacement fee.

This rod doesn’t really work for me, could I exchange it?

Yes, Phenix Rods has an upgrade program. This upgrade program will allow you to “upgrade” your rod. Rather you are downgrading action or moving up in cost, the fee is a flat 40% off MSRP.

Slammed a door on my rod and/or stepped on my rod, do I qualify for the warranty?

Phenix Rods warranty program is customer-focused. We understand accidents happen and are more than happy to warranty the broken rod. In scenarios such as these, please refer to our warranty page for the warranty fee.

I bought my Phenix Rod back when they were made with Boron. Now my rod broke, do I still qualify?

Yes, regardless of how old the Phenix Rod is; you qualify for the warranty program. However, we will not be able to replace the exact same rod, you will qualify for the upgrade program.

How long do warranties usually take?

Warranties normally take 7 – 10 business days. If your warranty takes longer than that, please feel free to give us a call: (562) 924 – 5400.

Phenix Rods – General Questions

What are your hours of operation and location?

Phenix Rods & Accessories, is located at 17156 Woodruff Ave. Bellflower, CA 90706. Hours of operation is 8:30 am – 5:00 pm.

Do you sell individual parts for your rods?

No, we do not sell components for our rods.

Can I buy rods directly from you?

Short answer: No. Long answer: No, we can not sell rods directly to our customers, Phenix Rods & Accessories is considered a business-to-business company. Basically, this means we only sell directly to retailers.

Where is my apparel order?

If it has been longer than 3 business days without an update, please feel free to give us a call: (562) 924 – 5400.

Where can I find new Phenix Rods models?

Every rod that is on the website, is constantly being updated. New models will be on the new website, every catalog entry is up-to-date as well.

Phenix Rods – Upgrade Program

How much does an upgrade cost?

The cost of an upgrade from Boron Rod to modern rods is 50% off MSRP, for example: if the person is trying to purchase a rod with the MSRP of $100.00 then the person will be paying $50.00 for the upgrade.

I want to upgrade my boron rod, what do I do?

You will simply do the same as the warranty process, but this time, when filling out the warranty form, you will be marking the checkbox for the upgrade program and include the rod you are searching to upgrade towards.

What is the upgrade program?

The upgrade program is an option offered to all of our loyal customers that still own boron rods. It allows the individual to switch out their current boron rod for a different length, power, model, or even an entire series.