• $229.00$249.00

    The Iron Feather is the flagship of Phenix's ultralight lineup. The blank of the Iron Feather is a blend of the most sophisticated Carbon Fiber and Graphite technology available today. Implemented carefully, we have created a high-performance instrument that delivers an action that is exceptionally unique. The Iron Feather boasts an extremely fast action that allows for a seamless transition from a soft and sensitive tip to solid, powerful backbone. With this beautiful balance of all the finest materials, the Iron Feather is able to offer versatility unknown to any other ultralight rod on the market today. The Iron Feather is simply the ultimate weapon of choice for extreme ultralight enthusiasts that demand the best.

  • $199.00$229.00

    The Titan Popping series is built from Toray’s multi-composite materials and is blended with our special resin formula. This creates an incredibly strong rod blank that is exceptional for making the long accurate casts required for popper fishing. The Titan blanks have proven their durability and outstanding strength while maintaining the lightweight design Phenix is known for. Titan Popping blanks are designed as 2-piece models that join above the foregrip area. This makes them optimal for traveling in search of GT's or jumbo tuna.

  • $129.00$189.00

    Attention West Coast saltwater anglers, the Abyss series is designed with you in mind! Constructed with Toray Graphite/S-Glass composites, the Abyss series is designed for the "West Coast" style of surface irons and live bait anglers. Traditionally, rod blanks of similar actions tend to be much heavier and have a wider base diameter, which often leads to casting fatigue. The Abyss Series utilizes the ideal strength-to-weight balance, yet ensuring superior lifting power. No other blank can compare to the look, feel, and optimum performance of the Abyss series.

  • $129.00$249.00

    The Axis series utilizes the latest in materials and design. Built with composite blends of $-glass, T-16 Carbon Fiber, and Graphite materials, while incorporating a multi-helix construction design, the Axis series is perfect for any saltwater environment. Dynamic in performance, quality, and sensitivity, but with the backbone structure to allow you to fish with total confidence. Keeping with our thin diameter and lightweight material, we feel the new Axis blank series is what anglers and enthusiasts have come to expect from Phenix Rods!

  • $105.00$175.00

    The next generation has arrived! We've successfully made the changes to increase sensitivity and ensure more lifting power while keeping with its dynamic blank design. If it's fishing stubborn Calico bass in the thickest kelp, or pulling on mid-summer pelagic's, Ml Inshore Series gives you the ideal balance and power to handle the variety of challenges. Blank lengths range from TZn to all one-piece design. Line ratings from 8-20lb to 20-45lb. Actions vary from fast to extra fast. The Ml inshore is the perfect series for inshore anglers.

  • $139.00$239.00

    A new generation of saltwater rod blanks has been born. Constructed with Toray's high strength Carbon Fibers, the Black Diamond uses a unique layering process and a state of the art resin. This employment of aerospace technology has allowed us to give birth to a new age in blank technology. The Black Diamond series has a thinner diameter and a lower weighty allowing it to be the lightest rod blank in its class.

  • $169.00$239.00

    The Phenix Hybrid is the world's first fully woven Carbon Fiber blank. The blank is a unique blend of high strength woven Carbon Fiber and Kevlar. This innovative combination of materials is the latest technology from the aero-space and automotive industry. After years of R&D, Phenix has finally successfully applied this technology to fishing rod blank applications. Engineered to the concept of being lightweight yet unbelievably strong, the Phenix Hybrid delivers an action that is far superior to any traditional glass or graphite blank.

  • $209.00$299.00

    Designed to emulate our successful Black Diamond series, it reaches the challenges that are demanded from surf casters. Ultra sensitive, lightweight, yet it ensures the highest in superior performance. Whether you're fishing the elusive red drum, finicky Corvina, or stubborn large striped bass, the Black Diamond Surf series has a rod for you.

  • $99.00$116.00

    The Phenix RTS Series is designed by Gulf Coast fishermen and guides. It features a super light Toray T-40 ton Carbon Fiber blank using Phenix’s own Nanolite resins. The RTS series, meaning "Reds, Trout, and Snook1’,has been in the designed and field-tested for over 2 years. It promises to be the lightest most sensitive inshore rod blank on the market. It offers 5 casting and 7 spinning models to fit your needs. Whether you're fishing the flats for trout and snook or pulling the big Reds from the mangroves, the RTS has the power to deliver.

  • $149.00$219.00

    The Slow Pitch and Long Fall Jigging techniques made popular in Japan by Norihiro Sato are fastly evolving across the world and here in the United States. Phenix is leading the way with its newly designed Zero Gravity Titan series of Slow Pitch and Long Fall jigging rods. Featuring Toray T40 carbon fiber Multi Helix saim and Phenix Rods proprietary Nanolite® Resins blank has enabled Phenix to create an incredibly strong series. The Zero Gravity technology creates a balance never seen in the Industry until the new TJX series Titans meaning zero fatigue. With two models to choose from, the TJX Slow Pitch Jigging rods and the TJX-L Long Fall Jigging rods, we're sure to have exactly the model jigging rod the most meticulous anglers around the world are looking for.

  • $85.00$144.00

    The Mirage is composed of an advanced Carbon Fiber called Net V. Traditional glass blanks to tend to be heavy, thicker in diameter and lack backbone. The Net V gives the Mirage a very soft and forgiving action while maintaining a solid backbone. The thin diameter of the Net V blank permits the Mirage to be extremely light and balanced. The Mirage series features a 2 piece option that breaks from just above the handle. This allows for compact storage and travel while ensuring the performance of a one-piece rod.

  • $139.00$229.00

    The Megalodon in its design lays in dynamic engineering, quality of craftsmanship, and only the best in composite material. Crafted with T12 and T40 technology, it provides the unique strength and lifting power to handle the strongest of tuna's, Amberjack GT’s, and other brutes of the abyss. The Megalodon popping and jigging series - face the challenges head-on, while taming the beast! Jigging rod lengths range from S’-6” to 6'-0", all one-piece design.

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