• $169.00$189.00

    Never before has a manufacturer offered a series of high-end blanks for the most ardent female anglers around the world until the New Phenix Pandora series. Phenix utilized the same technologies used in our world-renowned Phenix Black Diamond and Axis series of pelagic rod blanks. But that's where the similarities end. The new Pandora series brings an incredibly light yet extremely strong series of saltwater blanks. Don’t let the beauty of the Pandora series fool you, it's the stuff legends are made of.

  • $89.00$119.00

    The Feather series is the newest in the Phenix bass series of rod blanks. The new Feather series promises to be one of the lightest, most sensitive rod blanks the fishing industry has ever seen. The unique taper of the Feather series blank is designed using a cross weave of 36 and 40 ton carbon fiber with Phenix Rods proprietary Nanolite® resins. This visual taper puts the balance of the new Feather rod in the palm of your hand. The blank design and minimalist build on new Feather rods will amaze every bass angler with the sensitivity, durability, and quality of this new technology never before seen in the fishing industry. Stop by your local retailer and pick up a new Feather series blank and you will know immediately how the name was derived!

  • $98.00$129.00

    The next generation has arrived! We've successfully made the changes to increase sensitivity and ensure more lifting power while keeping with its dynamic blank design. If it's fishing stubborn Calico bass in the thickest kelp, or pulling on mid-summer pelagic's, Ml Inshore Series gives you the ideal balance and power to handle the variety of challenges. Blank lengths range from TZn to all one-piece design. Line ratings from 8-20lb to 20-45lb. Actions vary from fast to extra fast. The Ml inshore is the perfect series for inshore anglers. Fish the fear. M1 – The next generation!

  • $234.00$264.00

    With only the best in mind and utilizing our own blend of composite material from the world-leading manufacturer of elite carbon fiber material, Toray, the K2 blanks were born. Utilizing innovative rod blank technology, Toray’s T-46 ton composite is the core of what sets us apart from everyone else. Our unique layering process combined with detailed construction results in a rod blank that has exceptional balance and sensitivity. Reinforced to increase strength for better backbone performance, while not adding considerable weight or bulk diameter, the K2 rod blank is another exceptional addition to our ever-growing Phenix brand.

  • $109.00$149.00

    The Phenix Ultra MBX has been a staple of the Phenix bass series of rod blanks for more than four decades now. Reflecting on the Phenix motto "Custom Quality", the newly redesigned Ultra MBX will not disappoint. The Ultra MBX starts with the industry-leading Toray T40 Carbon Fiber scrim combined with Phenix proprietary Nanolite® resins. Creating a super-strong, yet light and balanced blank. This all combines to bring the most meticulous angler a balanced, sensitive, and lightweight rod blank that will be sure to turn heads and fish.

  • $149.00$169.00

    Phenix proudly introduces a completely redesigned series of Swimbait rods for 2010. Directly derived from our phenomenal Hybrid technology, the blanks of this new series are extremely light and unbelievably strong. Our unique layering process allows us to create the Hybrid blank that is completely Woven Carbon Fiber from butt to tip. The result is a blank that is uniformly balanced. Finally, a balanced swimbait rod! Specifically designed to withstand the brutal casting of big baits with spectra, the Swimbait is the number one choice for intense anglers seeking aggressive monster bass.

  • $179.00$199.00

    The Ultra Swimbait Classic is offered with our Phenix Hybrid technology Blanks. This material allows us to build a series of swimbait rods that is superbly light and fast. The handles in this series have been completely redesigned with a unique blend of exotic corks and EVA.

  • $129.00$169.00

    Whether its spoons or spinners, drift or float fishing, the Black Chrome series will give anglers the accuracy, sensitivity, and power they deserve when hunting big steelhead. Much like the rest of its family, it incorporates premium grade carbon fiber manufactured in a way that increases sensitivity and power at the same time. This two-piece will be the demise of your next Monster Salmon or Steel-head. This series brings what our clients have grown to love about the Phenix brand: beauty, precision, performance, and dynamic capabilities. Pick one up at your local Phenix Dealer today.

  • $77.00$91.00

    Phenix's XG series has a long history of being an industry leading crankbait rod. Our XG series features the traditional execution of S-Glass to insure the optimum presentation of the crankbait.

  • $119.00$139.00

    Phenix's Composite X has a long history of being an industry-leading crankbait rod. Our new Composite X features the traditional execution of S-Glass to insure the optimum presentation of the crankbait while delivering solid feedback of a graphite backbone.

  • $84.00$129.00

    The Recon Elite Series is constructed with Toray's state of the art T 36-ton Carbon Fiber woven material and is bound with Phenix Rods own proprietary Nanolite® Resins. With a uniformly balanced lightweight blank, any one of the 17 models will deliver the sensitivity and strength demanding tournament anglers need at a price that is very affordable. Check out the Recon Elite blank at your local tackle shop today so you can see what Premium Technology feels like.

  • $139.00$184.00

    The DragonFly, is sure to wow the most demanding Ultralight and trout angler, Utilizing Phenlx's proprietary, state of the art, Net V Advanced Carbon Fiber construction, and state of the art resin, we have designed a rod that is extremely light-weight, sensitive, and durable. The utmost in versatility for the extreme finesse angler, Where you are throwing Rooster Tails, Road Runners, Cast Masters, or Mini Jigs this rod will hold its own; With long one-piece models, you will be able to put your bait out there where others can only dream.

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