Phenix has a full range of best in class Ultra-lite trout rods to meet your trout fishing needs. We have you covered from casting a roostertail to the lightest of finesse baits.
Our rods are designed with ultimate sensitivity in mind while maintaining a strong solid backbone. This gives you the advantage of sensing the lightest of bites, yet being able to control & land your personal best. All while having a custom look and feel that Phenix is recognized for.

What makes a good trout rod?

A trout rod that utilizes a combination of high-end materials.
Sophisticated Carbon fiber blends for a strong backbone. High modulus Ultra Graphite that is lightweight, responsive & highly sensitive.
This way you can feel the fish when it bites and still have the strong backbone to control and land your fish.

What length trout rod should I get?

The optimum length varies depending on the application & species of that you are fishing for. Which can be further tailored based on your preference. In general, a longer rod helps you cast further, while a shorter rod gives you more leverage on the fish.

What trout rod handle option should I choose?

Full grips are designed to be used with rod holders, while split-grip designs lower the overall weight of the rod increasing sensitivity.

What does "rod action" mean?

This describes how much of the rod bends when you put pressure on the tip. A fast action rod will bend in only the top third, or less of the blank, a medium or moderate action will bend in the top half.

In general, fast to very fast actions provide better sensitivity and faster power for hook settinghooksetting. This means the rod 'shuts off' faster & is stiffer to transfer the power down the line to set the hook. Fast action rods are great for most applications where a long casting distance is needed and/or rod action needs to be transferred down to the lure.

Medium and medium-fast rods will usually provide a little more casting distance and are best suited for bait fishing applications. The slower action will not pull the bait out of the fish's mouth before it fully engulfs it.